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While “Space” did not chart on any airplay charts, it did reach #71 on the R&B/R&B/Hip-Hop chart due to single sales. In Australia, “Space” peaked at #91 on the ARIA singles chart.

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This one in particular is absolutely one of the highlights because the entire show is pretty solid. The host segments are great, the riffing is great, this is definitely a top 5-10 episode for me. Ironically enough I lived in Japan when this episode originally aired (my dad taped eps and sent them to me) so the reference to Fritz Mondale made me laugh because he was indeed the US Ambassador to Japan at the time.

- The bigger you are, the faster you become and the more particles you explode into, thus improving your chances of taking other players down.
- Eat enough so that you acquire a decent size and speed but don't get too greedy, otherwise it becomes really easy to run into an explosion and die unexpectedly.
- If you become too big and fast for your own taste, just explode to get back to initial size and speed. 
- Since you are immune while blowing up, defend yourself by clicking and holding just enough to not actually explode - as you release you will regain control and deflate back into your size, having averted certain demise.
- When players explode they will temporarily spin out of control - take advantage of this and try to take them down while they are at their most vulnerable.
- Taking down bigger players yields more food :) It is also more dangerous as they are faster and explodier than smaller players :(
- Arena edges and corners are usually safer :) There is also less food there :(
- Playing with the red crab has been known to bring good luck. If you see it, use it :D

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